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Welcome to Ling & Lang Wiki![edit | edit source]

Discord server & wiki rules
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This Wiki will be a place where the members of the Ling & Lang Discord server can freely link to useful resources.

Editing the Wiki[edit | edit source]

MediaWiki: Editing pages

The extension VisualEditor is used on this Wiki to make it easier for non-tech savy members to contribute. Please refer to the MediaWiki's Wiki formatting help if you intend to contribute to the wiki without using VE.

Using an account when contributing is recommended, since non-logged in edits will be identified by the IP adresses.

When linking to a YouTube channel with non-language related content present, it is recommended to (create and) link to a playlist that only contains language related content.

No copying without citing!

Hosting, Thanks, etc.[edit | edit source]

This Wiki is made possible because of the MediaWiki project. Miraheze kindly hosts the Wiki, free of charge. You can contribute to the project as well.

Thanks to the Admins for creating and running the server.

Thanks to the Mods for managing the server.

Thank you for being with us.